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Why ignoring City Spidey overview will cost you time and sales…

City Spidey is a cloud-based Smart ERP tool designed to make administrative tasks easier for facility management manager. This single app can work as your personal assistant, accountant, security and HR. Introducing City Spidey app in the system can prove out to be the one-stop destination for a facility management Manager.
Here’s why…

Advanced Accounting System

Dealing with the traditional accounting system in a society is one of the main concerns of a facility management manager. To make the challenge easy, City Spidey provides an option for the advanced accounting system that offers real-time accounts update with P&L statements and balance sheets. Opting for this advance accounting system can save you labour, time and last, but not the least, a chance to “go paperless and green”.

Society Helpdesk Management

Taking care of service requests is a tedious task for any facility management company, if they go by traditional methods like taking complaints in a register and then synchronising the timing between the requestee and the service provider.
City Spidey comes to the rescue of the estate manager through their section “SERVICES”. Here, complaints are registered online; services are assigned online, and even feedback against the service is taken online through the app.

Visitor Gate Management Software

In residential societies, you must have noticed entries of unwanted people by just mentioning a fake name, address, mobile number in the register, usually maintained by the guards. This can be quite risky. To overcome this loophole, one can opt for City Spidey’s visitors’ gate management systems.

Pre-booking Amenities

City Spidey helps you get pre-booking option for the amenities in the society. Booking management for visitor parking to badminton, basketball court to swimming pool, community hall is provided along with availability, booking charge (if any) options. This facility for pre-booking can help save your precious time and let you plane better.

Here are some other advanced features that are soon to be launched:

Payroll and Staff Management

It’s easy to attract talented workers, but retaining them is tough. With a well-structured payroll and staff management policy, you can retain them by providing correct payments and meeting all legal expectations. Whether you own an HR department or not, City Spidey is can fill in the gap.

Asset and Inventory Management

The process of tracking the parts and products of a company moving in and out of the stores is termed as inventory management. Whereas the asset tracking focuses on keeping track of asset inventory, which is required for proper functioning of a company. City Spidey offers both.

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