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Everything to know about Estate Manager

An Estate Manager is one of the top positions in private service. But, most of the people confuse it with hotel butlers, housekeepers and chief stewards of houses. As the term Estate Manager is one of the most widely known terms in the business, so in order to take this advantage, most of the people with an experience of maintaining a household call themselves an Estate Manager. “EM” is the abbreviation famous for Estate Manager. Apart from Estate Manager, terms like “Staff Chief”, “Property Director” is also used in terms of introducing an Estate Manager. An Estate Manager needs to get in touch with a huge number of employees with a different background.

Functions of Estate Manager

In a household, Estate Manager is at the top level. EM manages and executes the overall management of property working directly with the owners. They try to fulfill the requirement of the owners at each location which was assigned to them. EM can be considered as CEO of the organisation where he or she is working at. The organisation here stands for large or number of homes EM is managing. They have to set the job standard and are required to hire, train and manage the staff needed to meet the services in the household. Along with personnel management, there are many administrative roles like budget, accounts and payroll that an EM needs to handle. Some of the other important functions that are being catered by EM are handling attorneys, curators, accountants, pilots, financial advisers, architects and many more. An EM is also responsible for planning and executing events for the owner. This event can be for few or hundreds of people. The EM has to coordinate with event planners, top caterers, service staff and entertainment agencies for that. All this suggest that Estate Manager is more a management job rather than service provider.

Qualification for an Estate Manager


The top EM requires excellent communication and inter-personnel skills. Necessary combination for an EM includes:

  1. Highly educated in luxury items like antiques and fine art
  2. Cultural knowledge and social etiquette is a must.
  3. The highest level of service experience with private families and individuals.
  4. Best in human resource management.
  5. Must have great academic background along with advanced degrees.
  6. Skilled in areas like computers, finance, organization and planning.
  7. Motivational skills, leadership, independent and team project management are must required skills.
  8. EM must be well-traveled and very resourceful.
  9. Must be up to date in global communications and technologies.
  10. EM should have great negotiating skills.
  11. Training from hotel environment is a must.

The above-stated qualities can help becoming an EM but the most important skill required for a successful career is the adaption to the desires and standard of the owner.

Earnings of an Estate Manager

The salary range for an EM in India ranges from 70K-1,200K. The shared range is in accordance to normal trend while Estate Managers working for many years along with specialized skills are taking their salary in the range of 1,800K-2,500K and even more. It’s not just the salary that an EM gets but there are many more other benefits like insurance, free travel, fully paid housing, automobile, clothing allowance and many more. The level of financial accountability an EM holds is the reason behind this salary range and extra benefits. The functioning of an Estate Manager decides profit or loss for the owner. The profitability for the owner is directly proportional to the value of an EM. All this suggest that high earnings come with high responsibilities. So, if you have the skills required for an EM just go for it and then the sky is the limit.



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