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The Ultimate guide to 3 Challenges That Every Facility Manager Faces

The key responsibility areas (KRAs) of a facility manager can’t be defined with ease as every day there are a number of hurdles that a facility manager faces. It can be from maintenance issues to proper utilization of the workforce. The list never ends for a facility manager. So in this edition, we are going to introduce some of the most common and difficult challenges for a facility manager.
Concern regarding security breaches

There are two reasons for this title to feature on top. Firstly, facility managers can easily be attacked through software and the team they manage. So, taking care of cyber attacks is one the most important duties of a facility manager and it also adds extra steps for every decision that an FM needs to make. Secondly, the data for facilities like electrical, architecture, HVAC can be a prime target for offenders as these data can be used to perform different crimes. These two points clearly state that duty of an FM is always prone to security breaches and should be performed keeping the safety of facilities on first priority.


Disconnection with new initiatives

In an organization, operational teams are usually not connected with the design and construction phase of a facility. When these teams and new initiatives do not work hand to hand, efficiency issue crops up and it can also create a lot of rework for a facility manager and his/her team. The not only efficiency of the workforce but relationships between the facility manager, stakeholders and team members can also be damaged. Here, it becomes the prime duty of a facility manager to build coordination between these aspects of the organisation.


Unawareness in employees regarding the responsibilities of the facility manager

Facility manager needs to perform multiple tasks for an organization and this creates confusion among employees of the organisation. These different responsibilities cause a lot of misconception in higher authorities of the organisation regarding the current role of the facility manager. All of this makes it difficult to decide what new assignments to be handed over to the facility manager. So, concluding this discussion, we can only say that it’s very important to involve the facility manager in right place as failing to do that can be a damaging experience for internal teams as well as for facility itself.

Above shared are the three main hurdles that a facility manager faces. If you are having any other hurdles in books that we didn’t pick, please write to us at cityspidey.com and we would be happy to add on to our future blog posts.

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