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Accounting Made Easy

Being an RWA accountant is not an easy job, keeping up with accounts, expenses, funds is a very exhausting task and one mistake can affect the complete accounts. CitySpidey provides digital computerized services to give accurate calculated results and also maintaining bookkeeping of the accounts. We know that it’s a tough task keeping up with […]

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CitySpidey brings to you the Enterprise Edition for Facility Management Companies,Security Companies and Builders

CitySpidey brings to you a new way to run your facility management company. Facility Management and Security companies usually manage a lot of societies under them. It becomes very difficult for them to continuously monitor all the societies at one time and provide uniform services. CitySpidey’s Enterprise Edition brings to you a centralized management system, […]

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Digital Notices are the way to go !

In the hustle-bustle of a metropolitan, people don’t have even a minute to spare. Who is going to stop and read a paper notice put up on the notice board, while they are struggling to reach their important meetings on time? That notice may contain very important information pertaining to you. You may miss a […]

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