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Planning to move into a society, look forward to these services

Security using manpower and technology

Safety comes first and this is what residents of society look for in first place. Besides deploying guards at society gates, the management of the society has to maintain registers to record details of visitors entering and exiting the premises. Realizing the advancement in technology nowadays, these methods look conventional and outdated.

Considering this, CitySpidey provides an ultimate solution to safeguard society and its people, without consuming much time. Its software helps in pre-loading details of each person of the society. This results in reducing fake entries and keeping a proper record of all entries and exits. Also, it keeps society safe from strangers by verifying new visitors whenever he/she makes an entry or exit. The best part of the feature is the data is easily available and can be accessed whenever required.

All-In-One Accounting Solution

Living in an apartment means paying maintenance and other miscellaneous charges. The in-built accounting software developed by CitySpidey makes the process simple and easy as it will help in maintaining records of all the charges, including payee and other key details.

Besides, it will simplify ‘bookkeeping’ for society and RWA managers. It will also enable in providing accurate reports and make analytics. With the help of this software, all the expenses incurred will be recorded, accounted and tallied against the balance amount.

Income and outflow statements can be easily generated through this accounting software. All you need to do is just install our app and with the help of our secure servers, the option to pay online will be available on your device!

Maintenance and other daily services

Looking for a plumber to fix that tap, pipes in kitchen or an electrician who can repair AC, fan or other appliances? Don’t worry! CitySpidey, through its software, allows you to lodge a complaint to the registered RWA service providers so that your issue gets resolved in no time! Be it anything, just escalate your complaint, track resolution and rate your service providers so that the service gets improved in future!

CitySpidey has been offering its services to several societies across Delhi-NCR. As a result, our customers and quality of services have improved to a great extent and we will continue to enhance it till it becomes the best.

To know more about CitySpidey and its products, click the link to get a schedule for demo.

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