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One application is enough to run your society

Managing a society is not an easy task, there is a lot of work to do. And  every work required manforce of different skill sets. For instance to do accounting work , person having knowledge of account books, ledgers, bookkeeping and many more things is required and so on for different areas of work. As the society size is increasing , the burden is increasing too. It is arduous to handle every task manually. To make the RWA more effective and efficient CitySpidey comes up with all-in-one solution app which is user friendly and helps in running society with ease. Here a go through of our society management application

Check point

This is a security feature that allows one to monitor the visitors as they enter in neighbourhood/premises.If one have a visitor at the society gate , he/she will get an alert and the resident to whom visitors want to go have to allow or deny the permission. Entry timing and the exit timing will be recorded in the database. One can also pre-approve the entry of guests / visitors by our society management application


Service Providers

There are several service providers that are registered with RWA. On the basis of the ratings given by the different residents ,one can choose and share their experience by rating. So in future, RWA take decisions on the basis of their ratings. Residents just have to open their app in case of need and raise a complaint. Complaint will be redirected to the concerned person for the speedy approval of the problem.

Accounting and Billing

Society management software is one of the another important feature we provide to make the accounting and billing easy. One can track all the expenses and it is so easy to go through all the details of your dues with an option to pay online. Push notification and the payment remainders are another worthy features which make these services more convenient.


In societies , residents in their leisure always prefer to go in clubhouse, swimming pole and in other amenities that are available in their respective societies. Because of the limited area in these places RWA restricted the entries only to limited person on a first come first serve basis and our society management application helps residents by providing the option to book in advance to rescue them from last minute hassle.

Panic Button

Emergency could be arise any time without giving any warning, no one have any control on these situations. To get help in these panic situations CitySpidey brings a single tap option , that sends SMS to all the emergency contacts that are registered for emergency along with RWA.

Digital Notice Board

We are becoming smart so why not our notice board , all the important notices will be pop up on the smart screen of your device as soon as the notice issue. This is not only helps RWA to reach everyone but also saves our environment by saving the paper consumption.

CitySpidey in not limited to only these services. There are a wide range of services that CitySpidey is offering to run a society in a better way not only for RWA but also for all the residents residing in it. To know all the services CitySpidey is offering with society management application and software Contact us by Clicking Here.

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