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Is Chowkidar enough to make your society safe ???

Watchmen are the ones who are responsible for our safety at nights. He keeps awake the whole night to keep a vigil. After frequent intervals, they also shout out loudly as “Jaagte Raho” just to ask people to be alert at night. They are commonly seen holding stick and torch in their hands. Sometimes, they also take along a dog while they roam around within societies. However, it is a debatable issue whether they are enough to keep societies safe. Are they equipped enough to check the ever-rising crimes? Are they effective enough to keep track of every person and their activities?

In today’s times, it has really become difficult to manage the societies with ever-increasing population. It is also need of the hour that watchmen should acquaint themselves with robust technologies which have become indispensable to maintain high level of security at the societies.

Increasing society size , population and busy lifestyles make it very difficult for Chowkidar to manage all these things by their own. For this developing phase it is important for a chowkidar also to upgrade himself with sack of technology.

CitySpidey comes up with a pack of various services which help the watchmen to be more effective and efficient.

Register entry is now a thing of past

Those days are gone when people used to be required to write their details in the register whenever they had to move or out from a society. That process has now become mundane and outdated because of its lack of effectiveness. It used to be very difficult for the security personnel to crosscheck those entries. To address the issue, CitySpidey comes up with a better solution to ensure no such forgery happens again. CitySpidey software accesses the database of the society to identify the resident quickly for hassle-free entry. All the entries and exits are recorded just like it used to happen in a register but with advanced system, the process is more accurate and reliable.

Get alert if someone takes too long to exit

There are so many cases when a person enters the compound and waits inside for the right time to do something unlawful and to track these people is not a cakewalk. CitySpidey brings to you a system which will inform the Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) about all those entries to take the action required. Alert messages are sent along with all the details of the person recorded at the time of entry.

Free roamers are now not allowed

We often see sluggards, goods sellers making attempts to enter societies. But, they have become a serious threat to the security nowadays. It is high time that entries of these persons are restricted. CitySpidey’s visitor management system doesn’t allow any unauthorized entry without resident’s approval. Residents can pre-approve their visitors for quick check-in and deny the entry if they don’t wish to meet any visitor.

The CitySpidey Custom ERP Edition offers customized solutions as per the needs of an RWA, a resident, or facility management company. We can offer estate supervision solution, which includes premium features, such as inventory management, data analytics for resources efficiency and lot. To know more about contact us  CLICKING HERE.

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