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Digital Notices are the way to go !

In the hustle-bustle of a metropolitan, people don’t have even a minute to spare. Who is going to stop and read a paper notice put up on the notice board, while they are struggling to reach their important meetings on time? That notice may contain very important information pertaining to you. You may miss a notice informing you about a two-hour power cut tomorrow. A water tank cleaning may be scheduled for the very next morning resulting in the water supply being cut off. What will happen if you miss this information? A lot of inconvenience . We at CitySpidey don’t want you to go through that.

Our Apartment Management Software takes care of all your needs in this scenario. Some of the benefits are mentioned below :

Information on the go

Now you will have access to all the notices at the tap of a button. The RWA Manager can select the option of sending you a push notification as well as an e-mail. Just tap on the notification and the information will be displayed on your cell phone immediately. A ping on your cell phone will inform you about the Diwali party being organized in the clubhouse. The board members won’t miss an important meeting on account of not knowing about when it was happening.You will remember the swimming registration dates and have a jolly good time splashing around the pool. The RWA Treasurer can connect with the residents if he wants to display some financial statements for maintaining transparency. You will remember to store water beforehand and reach your meeting on time despite the water supply cut.

Selective Viewership

The RWA will be able to select who is receiving the message by creating a broadcast group. There can be a separate group for the executive board members, another group for the RWA, a group that will remind the bill defaulters of their due dates, a different group for every apartment building within the society and so on. So everyone will not be pestered with unnecessary information that does not relate to them. The defaulters can be regularly reminded to pay their dues without disturbing the other society residents. If the RWA President wants to convey an important meeting agenda to the RWA Secretary, the Estate Manager and the Treasurer he can select their respective user IDs and personalize his/her notice.

Easy feedback

Now the users will be able to connect with the RWA directly and ask any query that arises regarding a certain notice. This will eliminate the hassle of calling different agencies to inquire about a certain event. The contacting process would be direct and personal involving only the RWA and the resident. You just have to post your comment on any notice and it will straightaway be directed to the RWA without going through any middle agency. Also, the conversation will be private, without any interference. So if the RWA Secretary posts a bill payment notice you can inquire about the last date through this feature.The RWA Manager can review the messages and reply accordingly.

Interactive Interface

The use of different colors will help you to differentiate between the active and expired notices. Attaching images and files to the notice will make the notice reading process engaging. The interface will be able to serve all age groups because of easy operational efficiency. A user-friendly platform, this technology caters to all residents alike.

CitySpidey is an ERP software that helps in bringing all the notices to one platform for easy viewing by the society residents. The RWA can easily connect with the apartment residents whenever they want to convey any important information. The residents will have no reason to complain because they will be aware of all the happenings timely.The RWA will be able to cut on paper and printing costs employed in this process and utilize those funds in some more fruitful avenue. You will be helping the environment by reducing paper consumption. The list of the subsequent benefits is just endless. This economically viable software will help to make your daily life comfortable and tension-free. Most importantly both parties will save a lot of time.

CitySpidey’s Apartment Management Software is beneficial to each and every party involved in a society. If you are a part of the administration team or a member of the RWA of any society, this software will make your work a lot easier and foolproof. We also provide the CitySpidey Custom Edition which allows you to make changes and add or remove facilities that suit your apartment needs.

So feel free to hit us up on our email – info@cityspidey.com  or schedule a demo with us and experience our services first-hand by clicking here .

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