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Digital facility management The Samurai Way.


Traditional Facility Management

With the PM Narendra Modi’s initiative of Digital India, everything is now going digital each and every day. Digital facility management solutions are getting access to every aspect of our lives. Traditional facility management is not that much safe as compared to digitized facility management. Opting digital with maintenance management applications means everything from better asset tracking in order to improve employee management.


Making work easier.

Digitisation help store the information digitally and solve the problem. Also provides access to constant updates whenever and wherever needed the most. From the attendance of the employee to the emergency maintenance issue at the other end of the facility, information is provided instantly by digital facility management. This also opens up the employee as he/she doesn’t require to be present in the office to access any facility information. Not only present but future problems can also be easily catered by digital FM. Also, modern facility management helps get most up to date resources available in the market to accomplish much more in much less time.

Digital Facility Management

Managing productivity and assignments positively.

After the introduction of digital facility management processes that were considered as a burden is now resolved in quick time and are easier than ever to track. Monitoring, assigning and tracking maintenance request have become much easier to handle in digital FM. Maintenance team can now focus on urgent issues first and can find solutions much quicker than ever. In all, we can say that teams can be used efficiently with the help of digital FM tools as more can be done in less time.

Digital efficiency in one’s Team

From inventory control to asset management everything is made accessible to the user by digital FM. One becomes independent as won’t have to depend on team time to get the needed information. Digital facility management and reporting make all the information and data available to users fingertips. One can have all the reporting info for every aspect of facility maintenance and get quick accurate data to use in making decisions as to how to delegate information- as well as create collaborative efforts from your team and all departments. We can say that Digital FM helps increases manpower from the same number of employees.

The facility manager can find a whole new world available in digital facility management as tasks become easier, more efficient and controllable. Everything from employee tracking to work completion is under Facility managers control when using digitised version. At last the only thing that matter for a facility manager is complete control over the facility and Digital FM is only the way to control all this.


You can give your team quick access to all facility’s planning, task related to maintenance and many more with the facility management software from Cityspidey. Cityspidey help you digitise existing facility management processes, it helps you keep control of your facility’s documents, operation manuals and drawings. They provide a quick and easy solution to facility management which helps in cutting cost and stop wasting precious time of the team. So, in the end, we will just say that stop wasting precious time and money on the traditional facility management. Find a better way to utilise your resources by requesting a demo of Cityspidey’s FM software.

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