Home ArticleCitySpidey brings to you the Enterprise Edition for Facility Management Companies,Security Companies and Builders

CitySpidey brings to you the Enterprise Edition for Facility Management Companies,Security Companies and Builders

CitySpidey brings to you a new way to run your facility management company. Facility Management and Security companies usually manage a lot of societies under them. It becomes very difficult for them to continuously monitor all the societies at one time and provide uniform services. CitySpidey’s Enterprise Edition brings to you a centralized management system, with multi-access and multi-level operations which will facilitate easy and systematic management across all societies. You would be able to review all the data on your phone with an easy interface that we bring to you to make your management cost-effective and systematic. A snapshot view that will give you all the details on a single platform , our software will help you to analyse the data by compiling it and presenting it to you with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Multi-Level Access
The Super Admin has the option of selecting who has access to which feature. It is up to the Super Admin if they want to give the accountant access to the accounts section only or also of the notice board to update information about the late bill defaulters. This will prevent overload of unnecessary information to the concerned party and allow them to focus on their specific work . Meanwhile, the Super Admin will have access to information about every society in one place. 

● Real-time data The major benefit associated with digitizing the management process is that you would get real-time data from all the societies which is not possible with the currently existing procedure. Suppose Gaur City has 10 societies under its control across the NCR.There are 5 electricians working in each society. If Sportswood is suffering from major faults, their requirement will be more than Atulyam, which does not have any problem currently. So you can shift 3 electricians from Sportswood to Atulyam accordingly.This will help in cutting costs and also result in better management of people. You will have access to all the information in a well-structured dashboard which is user-friendly and will make your work a lot easier. 

● Analysis and Comparison You would also be able to increase efficiency by keeping tabs on each society simultaneously. Any kind of inconsistency will help in the identification of any misuse or complication that has arisen. If two societies with the same number of flats are using 10 and 25 tankers each, you can investigate the reason behind the huge difference. Maybe there is misuse, leakage or some discrepancy in the billing system. This will help in intra society management. The snapshot view will enable you to use artificial intelligence to make your company management better and easy . 

Now coming to inter society management you will be able to identify if there is a sudden surge in numbers, for instance if the bulb requirement has risen from 50 to 70 since the past month. Our app will help you to compare the current requirement with the previous one and you can analyze and view it with the help of actionable intelligence and then cut on unnecessary expenditures accordingly .We understand that in commercial operations, the margins are very low and each and every expense counts. Therefore, this analysis will help you to increase your profits by better management. You can also compare the vendor prices which have been employed in each society and therefore make changes. 

● PPM Customization Every society goes through PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance ) each year to pre-plan for any future problem that may occur. We can provide you with a customized plan for PPM where you can formulate a list of the tasks that need to be completed and accordingly check off the tasks as and when they are done.The supervisors can upload the documents. If the lift needs to be checked, the tasks may include alarm check, light check, and emergency calling check. So the operator would have to eliminate each option as they complete it. Better efficiency, better service. 

So if you feel that, your enterprise is in need of excellent management services, feel free to contact us through our email id – info@cityspidey.com or schedule a demo with us by logging on to our website http://erp.cityspidey.com/

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