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Are you safe in your apartments……?

As the crime rates are constantly increasing, we can say that the measures taken by us have not been sufficient. The situation has become so bad that societies have also been vulnerable to it. The reasons behind this could be unauthorized entries, freelancers and personnel spending too much time in society.

After doing an analysis of all the security lapses, CitySpidey has come forward with ways to make the societies more secure:

Visitor Entry

Under this, the residents have the access of visitor’s right at the society gate. They can also check the log of entries and entries irrespective of their locations. Using their device, they can also track the visit duration online. This facility helps the residents in granting entry into the society which helps the security personnel to make check-ins faster. The society or the RWA admin can also get real-time overview of the all the entries and exits made in the society. For future access, the society can archive all visitor photos and vehicles numbers.

Attendance Management

This facility helps the management of the society to track the attendance of the staffs deployed at the society. They can track the leaves and absences with detail record on the App’s Visitor Management System logs. One can also import all the attendance information into the accounting software for the purpose of salary calculation.

Pre-approved Entry

The residents can use the application to pre-approve or deny the entry of visitor before it arrives at the society. It is easier to manage the entry even when the residents are not physically present at the society. The neighborhood safety can be ensured with cost-effective, smartphone-based gate security system.

Benefits –

Easy to install

Remote access of visitors

Availability of entry and exit records

Access to photos, datelines and contact information

Security management with help of analytics

CitySpidey also offers a range of services which makes the communication easier at the society. We are currently serving at many societies of repute and our clientele is increasing day by day. Click the below link to schedule a demonstration at your society.

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