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An Alarming Condition for Water Conservation

Do you know? Around 18 percent of the world population resides in India whereas only 4 percent of people have access to clean drinking water. According to the facts and figures of NITI Ayog, the Government of India thinks that by 2020 Delhi and other 21 cities would run out of groundwater.

Are you still going to depend on the government to do something for you? It’s your earth too, it is now the time for everyone to initiate and take steps to live peacefully on this earth and leaving something good for our future generations. Now is the time to wake up and do something about it.

We have figured out some easy solutions for you to help save water and create a place for everyone to use it.
Rain Water Harvesting is the best method to conserve water naturally. How can you do it?
Look through these ways

Create your own Rain Garden

Do you know that plants are our complete savior in everything? Yes, through some native plants like Oriental Poppies, Gaillardia help in conserving water. Growing some native plants of your city with long roots and as the water reaches there, its soil filters the water in the ground which can be stored and used. It is one natural method of conserving clean water.

2) Rooftops

Water laying on rooftops are the breeding ground for mosquitoes creating more diseases. But rather we can use that rainwater for use. Creating a slope attached through pipe water can be saved through tanks and then can be filtered and used in apartments for household services like washing etc.

3) Rain Chain

You can make your own rain chain which can store water downwards toward a tank which can then be filtered and used further for mere activities. A Rain Chain can be a DIY for you it is easy to make and comes out to be of major help in saving water for us.

Water Conservation is the utmost priority for us right now. Many people have risen and initiated for such and so should you.

It is time to create awareness for our environment and bring a change in making our earth a better place. You wouldn’t want to sell yourself out of water. Preserve Water and do something about it

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