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Accounting Made Easy

Being an RWA accountant is not an easy job, keeping up with accounts, expenses, funds is a very exhausting task and one mistake can affect the complete accounts. CitySpidey provides digital computerized services to give accurate calculated results and also maintaining bookkeeping of the accounts.

We know that it’s a tough task keeping up with the records of every apartment, building, and block residing in society.  Having it up to date and keeping it transparent with the residents, is the core of any society. We work as a digital assistant to the accountant for the RWA and provide

  1. Bookkeeping (Trial Balance, P&L, Balance Sheet)
  2. MIS Reports
  3. Expense/Income Tracking
  4. TDS Register
  5. GST
  6. Tally Integration


We make sure that all your cash flows and ledgers accounts are up to date and transparent for review at any time that the society needs. We understand it is difficult maintaining all the expenditures and incomes or any bill payment led by any society resident. CitySpidey provides an automated version of accounting so all the bookkeeping entries are made at ease.

Late payment calculation can be a very difficult task for an accountant as it may differ as per the RWA management. In our app, these calculations are needed to be set up once and then the system can calculate the amount with ease automatically for any future invoices.

Our ERP helps the residents to track payments and highlights in case a late payment fee is about to be due for the residents. We also help in keeping a record of the known vendors, for RWA’s ease to reorder and also compare the prices from previous transactions accordingly.

Through CitySpidey automated version of bookkeeping, we provide an easy and accurate comparison of the accounts.

Automated Accounting Management

The tough task of writing each entry down and one little error of a digit could create problems in the complete account is not an issue anymore when CitySpidey has transformed your hectic way into a simpler task of accounting. From the journal to the profit & loss account we have our ERP all figured out for you. Through our Accounting Management software, there is no way looking back to the traditional methods. What else to look for when all the entries are registered automatically through our app once any cash intake or outtakes are there. 

Interactive Dashboard 

Our platform provides an overview of the expenses, income, cash balance, bank balance represented through a graph. It briefs about debits and credits which took place each month. We make it easier for you to know about your cash intakes and outtakes, so for you to look forward accordingly in the future. 


CitySpidey provides with the calculated amount of tax returns. You don’t always have to run to the accountant when you can file your TDS returns timely. We keep a track of your tax returns and provide MIS  for your ease. Not just that the interested amount of GST is also automatically calculated. CitySpidey provides the MIS for the GST calculations .i.e providing with the output and input balances. The interest amount of tax is also automatically generated through CitySpidey ERP, for your ease of not to run to the accountant for mere calculations when you have everything digital.

Tally Integration

You can easily import your accounts to tally for easy and accurate accounting. CitySpidey provides the option of importing and exporting the file to tally for better integration of accounts. Any invoices or sale and purchase if any are automatically transferred to tally through our app.

Not just that it is an ease for the residents as well to pay their bills on time. We provide an alert for an undue bill which can be paid online with just some simple steps. Also, the residents can track their payment history with just a tap.

You don’t have to keep bundles of files for your payment receipts but rather can find them under one screen. 

What else to look for when you have an automated accounting in your hands. Ping us for a demo and look for yourself the ease of accounting.

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